Transparency and Accountability

San Antonians want transparency and accountability in city government. San Antonians cite this as the most critical issue facing local government. As you know, many times our tax dollars are misused. As your City Council representative, I will ensure that insiders are not getting rich on our tax dollars.


With District 8’s population growing by 35% annually, traffic and  mobility are key issues. Couple that with the U.S. Census Bureau’s estimate of 152 people moving here daily, it only adds to the congestion and headache of getting to and from our destinations. As your City Council representative, I will be focused on mobility strategies to subvert our ever-growing population.

Public Safety

I-10 and 1604 is the number one hotspot in San Antonio for property crime. We must work together with law enforcement and as neighbors to overcome this issue that threatens our safety. As your City Council representative, I will work hard to reduce the crime rate in our district. I will work to make sure the necessary measures are taken to protect our neighborhoods so our families are safe.

Water Resources

With our growing population, our future water resources are critical to our sustainability. As your City Council representative, I will ensure our investments can match the demand in the future, and that our tax dollars are not misspent.

Ethics Reformation

The City Charter and Ethics Code must clearly address the consequences for those that choose to abuse his or her office because of unethical behavior, by punishing him or her when the law is broken. City Council should not be creating ordinances to absolve themselves of violations either. If you want justice, then please vote for me Cynthia Brehm on Saturday May 6, 2017.


SA 2017 Bond presentation link – see for yourself how unfair it is to 9 out of 10 districts 


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